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blog make-over

Is It Time For a Blog Make-Over?

With Spring just around the corner, our thoughts tend to turn to all things new and fresh. New blooms and buds on flowers and trees in the yard, new … Read More...

Tips For Improving Your Business and Your Life

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Small Bloggers Need Virtual Assistants, Too

There's a┬ácommon misconception that only "big bloggers" need virtual assistants and social media managers. "I'm just a small blogger," someone told … Read More...

is your blog sidebar cluttered like the front of your grandma's fridge?

Your Sidebar Might Be Killing Your Blog

Have you ever seen a refrigerator that's covered with magnets and photos, old birthday cards, kids' drawings, the water bill, and take-out menus? … Read More...


5 Tips For Creating Your Personal Brand

When I say, "Let's talk about your brand," what do you think of? Your blog or website? Your business? Your Facebook cover photo? Your business cards? … Read More...